Ski Club San Martino

Champions are born ... and you become!

Does your children are in the making to be a champion? or do they simply have the fighting spirits?

Do you want to be like Alberto Tomba? then what are you waiting for take away the itch to try your hand between the giant slalom.

All motivations that apply to embark on the road of competitive even though we like to give another reading, linked to the desire to improve, to grow and compete with themselves by comparing with others.

However, if the competition is part of your DNA, we've got it for you.

Two National Instructors, coaches and club instructors with extensive experience racing, will be happy to accompanied you along this path.

In addition to private lessons to be agreed with our office, our teachers are part of the technical staff of the Ski Club San Martino

In both cases are provided special rates that include enrollment, is the training, accompaniment in contracts and purchase of the ski pass for the lifts in the Valley 

For more information and registration: Ski Club San Martino

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